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Education Programs

Are you looking for a field trip that involves local, national and international history?

Would your students enjoy seeing and interacting with pieces of Canadian history?

Our museum has a special ability to combine world events with local history, which means it follows textbooks and adds a local flavour to make it interesting and relevant.  Nearly a century of history is explored on our tours and each group has the opportunity to interact with Cold War radar consoles, sit in the cockpit of a jet and more! 

We are pleased to offer six curriculum based education programs for multiple grade levels! Please select a grade level below to view the education plan. If your group has specific curriculum requirements or topics that are being taught in the classroom, we would be happy to work to incorporate those into our tour.


We also have two programs that are aimed at a wide age range of participants. They do not target a specific grade's curriculum, but explore a wide variety of topics with activities that can be fully enjoyed by ages 4 years and up.

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