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First World War

The invention of air defence began in earnest with the First World War in 1914.  Our exhibit focuses on the mighty German Zeppelins and early bombers and how England defended herself from their night-time raids, with help from the Canadians.

Learn about some of the most famous 'Zeppelin Hunters' and their heroic stories of chasing down these explosive machines.

Rudimentary airplanes that were being flown around the world became the focus of war departments and were quickly becoming more and more sophisticated for war in the air.  Both sides of the conflict understood that this war would be won by air superiority.


Our museum displays a real piece of a downed Zeppelin and  a rare flag that was flown one of the airships when going into battle.  This exhibit also features early airplanes and biographies of some of Canada's most famous pilots.



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