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Virtual Exhibits

These virtual exhibits are archived but will remain online for consultation and research. They will no longer be updated or altered.


Artists in CADPAT II

The temporary exhibit “Artists in CADPAT II” showcases the talent of some of the Canadian Armed Forces Imagery Technicians.  This is the second iteration of an exhibit that was presented in 2016, and its popularity inspired the museum to repeat the idea.

This exhibit is available in-person and online HERE.

Click image to visit the virtual exhibit.

Title image of UGC50 exhibit. Image of tunnel into North Bay's Underground Complex with text "UGC50: A Virtual Exhibit of North Bay's Underground Complex".Tunnel, North Bay tunnel, North Bay Underground Complex, North Bay bunker,

UGC50: A Virtual Exhibit of North Bay's Underground Complex

In 1963, North Bay’s Underground Complex, the UGC, became officially operational and 22 Wing, then named RCAF Station North Bay, became the centre for Canadian air defence. This massive complex, a feat of engineering and technology located 600 feet underground, watched Canadian skies for 43 years until its closure in 2006.


To commemorate this unique and fascinating history, on October 1, 2013, on the 50th anniversary of the UGC’s opening, CFMAD launched the UGC50 Project – a virtual exhibit – a website that explores its history deeper than ever before.

Click image to visit the virtual exhibit.

Off Scope: Domestic Life at Canadian Radar Stations

Showcasing the unique lifestyle experienced by military members and their families at the Pinetree, Mid-Canada and DEW Line radar stations.


How families and community, festivals and events, and sports and recreation could make life in remote or isolated areas vibrant, supportive and memorable.

Click image to visit the virtual exhibit.

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